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3D Scanning, Modeling, Rendering and Printing Services

There’s no doubt, 3D printing is one of the most exciting developments in manufacturing for a long time. The possibilities it opens up are almost endless, and every week new technology and printable materials create even more options. If you’re a leading edge manufacturer the chances are you’re already wondering what 3D printing can do for you, but getting started isn’t always straightforward. That’s where we come in. Maybe you have some great ideas about what you’d like to have created by 3D printing, but you don’t know how to do the vital design work. That’s no problem. Our future products will provide a full 3D modeling service that gives you an end to end solution.

The beginning of the process is creating a mathematical representation of your 3D object in software. We are in the process of developing a team with full range of skills, from artists to create the initial concept through to the expert technicians who develop and refine the actual models your object will be printed from. We will provide the capability to scan meshes from solid objects and import them into customized tools, where they can be resized, modified and altered at will – or we can create completely new designs from scratch.
Once your object has been modeled it can be rendered in 3D, adding texture and color so you can see exactly how it will look when it’s printed. The model can be rotated, zoomed or placed together with other objects to see how they fit.


3D scene modeling and representation is the bridging technology between the content creation, transmission, and display stages of a 3D visual system. The 3D scene modeling and representation approaches can be classified into three main categories: geometry-based modeling, image based modeling, and hybrid modeling. Geometry-based representation typically uses polygon meshes (called surface-based modeling), 2D/3D points (called point-based modeling), or voxels (called volume-based modeling) to construct a 3D scene. The main advantage is that, once geometry information is available, the 3D scene can be rendered from any viewpoint and view direction without any limitation, which meets the requirement for a free-viewpoint 3D video system. The main disadvantage is in the computational cost of rendering and storing, which depends on the scene complexitythat is the total number of triangles used to describe the 3D world. In addition, geometry-based representation is generally an approximation to the 3D world. Although there are offline photorealistic rendering algorithms to generate views matching our perception of the real world, the existing algorithms using graphics pipeline still cannot produce realistic views on the fly.

Also we are in the process of build cloud tools those will facilitate 3d modeling services online so that one can do modifications to by just logging into the system without the need to download any software.

Sibatel is one of the leading web development companies. We are in the process of forming a team that will include skilled professionals with bleeding edge 3D design and modeling experience, who bring unbeatable enthusiasm and vision to every project we tackle. Meeting and beating client expectations is all part of a day’s work for them; if your object can be turned into reality through 3D design and printing, we’ll do it for you.

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