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If you have an aptitude for programming, application development is one of the most challenging and rewarding fields to work in. With demand set to grow and technology constantly evolving there are plenty of opportunities for advancement if you work hard and learn quickly.

Working with a consulting firm will help you gain expertise in the latest, cutting-edge technology much more quickly than would otherwise be possible, and gives you a huge advantage in terms of career progression. The skills and experience you will gain opens many doors to senior roles such as project team leader or software architect. At that stage a permanent position becomes the sensible choice, but to get to this point in the first place a position with a staffing specialist offers far more opportunities. To be eligible for high level vacancies you need to stand out from the crowd, and diverse experience in a range of industries makes you a desirable acquisition for any employer; it demonstrates depth of knowledge as well as breadth of experience and shows that you have the flexibility to quickly adapt to new challenges.


We hire the best developers we can find and help them build on their skills and qualifications. This is the best way for us to give our clients the service they need, and it’s also great for our employees. By working with us you will develop the skills you already have and learn new ones; you’ll never get stuck in the rut of using the same technologies on the same project and developing tunnel vision about what’s possible.

Our unique contracting model means that instead working for a single firm you’ll gain experience in a range of companies across multiple industries. Our clients include leading names in the technology, communications, aerospace, retail, medical and financial sectors, all of which will look very good on your resume. You will also take on a wider variety of projects, ensuring that you acquire a broader range of skills than would be possible in a permanent position. In addition you’ll find plenty of opportunities for networking, building up a wider circle of professional contacts than you could ever manage by staying in the same position. We’re sure that you’ll want to stay on our team, but if the time comes to move on your experience with us will open a lot more doors to you.

While you’re with us you’ll benefit from the stability of a single employer. While you’ll work for many companies you’ll be employed by us, giving you continuity in payroll, insurance and personal development. You’ll also avoid having a succession of short jobs on your resume; while this is becoming common many employers still take a traditional view and see it as undesirable. At the same time you keep the flexibility that our model provides.

We expect a lot from our staff, but we give a lot in return. Our compensation packages are extremely competitive and make a place on our team highly desirable. If you think you have what it takes to face a constant stream of challenges in a fast-paced industry, get in touch with us today.