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Not long ago mobile devices were tied to a restricted set of functions unless you opted for the increased weight and power requirements of a notebook PC. In the last few years all that has changed. The rise of mobile operating systems, primarily iOS and Android, has made it possible to add almost any functionality you want to a pocket-size device. With a smart phone or tablet, users can run standard office software or customized tools wherever they are. Mobile applications can be made even more powerful by using them as a front end for back-end applications, which can also be accessed through web-based tools on standard computing platforms.

Further mobile platforms have open new doors for 3D modeling. With portable devices capturing and augmenting images have become tremendously user friendly. Further video data streams can be manipulated to develop 3D models.
At Sibatel we are focused on the development of 3D authoring, publishing, and hosting tools for professional and consumer markets.

Our Challenge


Ofcourse developing new applications needs specialist staff, and unless this is your core business it is not realistic to employ a team of developers full time. A common choice is to outsource the development process, but this has its own drawbacks. With the development team under your direct control you gain from improved communication, better integration and increased responsiveness to changing specifications and requirements.

We provide the solution. We specialize in providing you with expert team to help you develop the custom tools you need. Our team of expert consultants are available to help with all the key aspects of application development. Further we are in the process of building top of the line 3D modeling tools that will provide a better user experience for various industries.

The tools will have capabilities like Extensive online library of 3D models and capability to download freely use these models, tools to create 3D models, further modify and tailor them according to ones need, support various file formats so that these models can be imported into various 3rd party modeling tool, mobile support for 3D models, render models on iOS and Android platforms, Augmented Reality scene creation and publish using 3D models and to transport the models to cloud servers using 3D-VC technology.

Our Focus

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    3D Modeling, Rendering, Printing and Mobile Application Development

    We are in the process of building unique and top notch 3D modeling tools. Our product line (X-MARS) will deliver 3D models on the fly those could be tailored according to user requirement. Further will provide AR functionality for a better immersive user experience. Also we can help you develop mobile applications for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile making your data accessible across the full range of mobile platforms.

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    Front End Application Development

    We can help you create front-end applications to suit your requirements. Our expertise covers Javascript tools including Jquery, Node.js, backbone.js, Dojo and Ext.js. The Apache Flex development kit lets us build rich web applications with cross-platform functionality.

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    Back End Systems

    Java J2EE gives a fast, stable environment for all your back-office applications. A flexible, modular architecture allows access to these applications from the full range of web or mobile applications.

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    Big Data

    As every aspect of doing business becomes networked, the volume of data involved moves beyond the capabilities of traditional database applications. Massive, complex data sets made up of diverse and often unstructured information require a new approach if they are to be managed and used effectively. We offer solutions based on Apache Hadoop to fast allow data handling across multiple machines. A distributed file system and parallel processing through MapReduce let you gain maximum benefit from your data with minimum hardware requirements.

Our Service

By utilizing our services you also benefit from a model that reduces the complexity and cost of developing new applications:

  • Effectiveness

    We offer a high level of customer service and reliable project completion within deadlines.

  • Responsiveness

    We can meet your requirements quickly.

  • Flexibility

    Maximize productivity and minimize fixed payroll costs by taking on the staff you need, when you need them.

  • Economy

    Our rates are highly competitive, without compromising quality at any point.

Choose between on-site team or remote team depending on your needs. An on-site team gives you the closest contact with your developers, which maximizes the flow of information and gives you unbeatable control over the direction of the project. On the other hand application development needs its own resources in terms of hardware, bandwidth and office space. If this doesn’t fit within your existing infrastructure then a remote solution could be best for you; you get the benefits of our personnel but don’t have to invest in resources that don’t benefit your core business.

When you need technical team for a non-core function a consulting service is your most flexible and cost-effective option. We have the skills and experience to give you the application, data management and networking solutions you need. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business stay connected.