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Sibatel is a world-class agency providing the very best IT staffing solutions to businesses, big or small. With the ever-changing and rapidly evolving nature of the IT industry, businesses need the right IT talents to keep them competitive. We understand these challenges, which is why we offer an array of staffing services to ensure that your business is never without the critical IT resources it needs. And if you are an IT professional seeking employment, Sibatel will be your partner, helping you not only to find a job, but also to plan your career progression in an array of IT specialties

Sibatel offers flexible staffing options, letting you choose the solution that is the right fit for your career or business.

Corp to Corp Staffing

Sibatel has an impressive selection of IT professionals seeking opportunities to put their skills to use in an environment where they can contribute to the success of our clients. Your company can expect great return for its staffing expense, when you utilize our crop of highly skilled IT professionals. Our staff have expertise in all areas of information technology. As the staff we place with you in our Corp-to-Corp staffing services are not your employees, you do not have to worry about complicated hiring requirements and legal issues; we take care of all that. Whether you’re seeking simple support staff or highly specialized skills for a cutting-edge IT project, we have the right professionals for you.



With our contract-to-hire services, Sibatel provides you with best-in-class IT professionals on a contract-to-hire basis. This option offers you the chance to work with one of our employees for a period of three to six months, during which time you can evaluate them on criteria like technical skills, soft skills and their fit with your organization. Should you determine that they fit with your organizational requirements, you may opt for a more permanent arrangement at the end of the stipulated period. And if the IT professional does not meet your requirements, you may choose to end the arrangement without further obligation on your part

Permanent staffing

We understand that meeting your direct hire needs can be complicated and time-consuming. With our industry-leading recruitment process, it doesn’t have to be. We can create a customized recruitment program for your company, which will reduce the time you spend finding qualified staff, while ensuring that you hire only the best talents for your business.

Simply tell us what kind of talent you need, and we will:

  • Create a pool of highly qualified candidates from which we will screen and shortlist the most suitable.
  • Conduct a first round of interviews to further narrow the field, ensuring that only the very best are presented to you for interview.
  • Organize the whole interview process, ensuring everything aligns with the timelines and budgets you have set.
  • Help you manage the process of hiring the preferred candidate(s) from start to finish. Everything from the choice of candidate, agreeing upon a compensation package, making an offer, managing the acceptance process and selecting a start date will be in our capable hands.

Our bespoke direct hire services drastically reduce the amount of time your business spends on hiring and takes out the guess work, ensuring you do not end up with an employee that is a poor fit for your organization.